Sampling Theory (B-KUL-G0B72A)

4 ECTSEnglish15 Second termSecond termCannot be taken as part of an examination contract
POC Master in statistiek

A thorough understanding of the methodology of (survey) sampling theory; being able to apply the theory on real life situations.

Intimate knowledge of basic concepts of descriptive and inductive statistics.
Beginning conditions: Basic course in descriptive and inductive statistics (bachelor level)


4 ects. Sampling Theory (B-KUL-G0B72a)

4 ECTSEnglishFormat: Lecture15 Second termSecond term
POC Master in statistiek

Different methods for selecting a (survey) sample from an existing population will be considered.  Problems arising in the sampling designs will be discussed. The focus will be on the concepts rather than on the formulas. Nevertheless, attention will be paid at the estimation of the population parameters of interests.

- Cognitive assimilation of theoretical concepts
- Solving problems/exercises
- Applying the theory on real life situations


Evaluation: Sampling Theory (B-KUL-G2B72a)

Type : Exam during the examination period

Students prepare a paper during the semester and can defend it orally on the exam.