ELBG1 Internship (B-KUL-A34468)

5 ECTSEnglish54 First termFirst term
Facultaire POC Architectuur

The student is able to generate alternatives from a multidisciplinary and intercultural insight.

The student is able to apply acquired knowledge in a professional context.

The student is able to continously and creatively expand his/her knowledge.

The student is able to communicate his/her research to a wide array of stakeholders (international, cross-disciplinary).

The student can reflect about his/her own learning and functioning in a professional context


5 ects. ELBG1 Internship (B-KUL-A51377)

5 ECTSEnglishFormat: Internship54 First termFirst term
Facultaire POC Architectuur

The student chooses an internship partner according to his or her programme guidelines. The internship lasts minimum 4 weeks (full time) or 150 hours. More information can be found on https://arch.kuleuven.be/onderwijs/stage/ 

The information below is only relevant for the Master of Architecture (in English):

At the end of fall semester, all students are required to present the outcomes of their internship, in a booklet (digital form format 20x25cm) to the team of academic promotors.

In the beginning of spring semester, they present their experience also in a public ppt presentation of 15 minutes. At the same moment they also hand in the printed version of the booklet.

During this event the new list of possible ‘foreign offices’ for the upcoming summer will be presented by the programme director. The students will be able to register for one of the open places at this offices during that same week.

Students from other programmes contact their internship coordinator for more information.

This elective can't be followed by Erasmus students. 


Evaluation: ELBG1 Internship (B-KUL-A74468)

Type : Continuous assessment without exam during the examination period
Description of evaluation : Report, Participation during contact hours

The evaluation is based on an assessment by the internship partner (50%) and a report or presentation by the student (50%), according to his/her programme guidelines. 


If the student doesn't respect the deadline that was registered and communicated unambiguously, the task will be considered as non-delivered. The student will receive a NA (niet afgelegd/not participated) for this (sub)task. This rule involves any kind of task that must be delivered. As prescribed, every task has to be delivered towards the examinator, either personally, either by TOLEDO.

If the student due to force majeure can't attain the deadline or attend the moment of evaluation, he/she has to deliver the task in its current condition, at the moment that has been registered and communicated. The task can be delivered by a third person in exchange for a receipt or it can be sent by e-mail to the titular (photos can be sent as well). The material that has been delivered will be perceived as the current condition of the task at that moment. 

No 2nd examination opportunity.