Preparatory Programme: Master of Educational Studies (Leuven)

What is a preparatory programme?

Depending on your degree (see admission requirements) you may need to complete a preparatory programme (at least 60 ECTS), wich provides the necessary knowledge base for advancing to the master's programma itself. It consists of compulsory general, methodological and other courses.

This programme can be followed on a full-time or part-time basis.



Is this the right programme for me?

  • You seek to develop a research-based understanding of educational processes, taking into account the various factors that play a role at the level of day-to-day practice, organisation, educational policy and society.

  • You are driven by a will to learn how to optimise education through more advanced, evidence-based practices and policies.

-  The student has to be able to clarify and explain what, regarding a particular context, can be conceived to be an educational issue or question. S/he has to be able to justify and analyse her/his definition of the educational issue or question, and to indicate various possible approaches to deal with it.
-  The student exhibits a broad scientific training in the educational sciences.
-  The student has a sound methodological competence, sufficient basic knowledge of theoretical frameworks and of various methodical approaches in order to define and situate educational issues and questions. S/he has basic insights in the historical, philosophical, socio-economical and socio-cultural embeddedness of educational processes and dynamics.
-  The student has acquired basic competencies which allow her/him to elaborate a view on man and education, situated within the socio-cultural context and aimed at the optimising of educational/pedagogic actions (in the framework of the guidance of individuals, groups, institutions and policy agencies in the broad field of education and training).

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
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prof. Maarten Simons, Programme Director

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