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- Bachelor of Mathematics
- Bachelor in de wiskunde
- Bachelor in de fysica, minor wiskunde


Applicants who are non-native speakers of English must provide evidence of English language proficiency.
Applicants with a KU Leuven degree: Applicants that already successfully completed an English-taught programme at K.U.Leuven, do not have to take an English proficiency test.
Applicants with a university degree earned in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the USA: the certified diploma and transcripts suffice, provided they confirm that the entire university study was completed in English. Absolutely no other diplomas will be accepted as evidence even if the applicant has followed an exclusively English-taught programme.
Other applicants should submit a satisfactory score on an internationally recognized test of English language proficiency:TOEFL (minimum score 575 paper-based, 233 computer-based, 90 internet-based) or IELTS (minimum score 7). No other proficiency tests will be accepted, and absolutely no application will be considered without such a test certificate.


For applicants from outside Belgium, comparability of the diploma is not always easily established.

 Certified copies of transcripts and diplomas are required for all applicants. These documents also suffice for applicants from
* universities that have an exchange agreement with the Faculty of Science of KU Leuven
* universities that are in the global top 200 in the most recent Times Higher Education or QS rankings

 Additional documentation is required for applicants from other universities as it is impossible for us to reliably assess the comparability. In those cases the admission board will take a positive decision only if supporting information is provided:
* a complete list of course titles for which you have obtained a credit should be part of this. Indicate the course size (in ECTS-credits) and the result you obtained, preferably according to the ECTS-scale; if a different scale is used, please provide an summary explanation on the meaning of the scores.
* for the courses that you deem most relevant as a preparation for the master that you are considering, provide a short (about one half to one page) description according to the standard guidelines for an ECTS-study guide.

The Admissions Board evaluates all applications and has the final say on the admissibility of the student, taking into account the relevant information.

Master of Mathematics (programme being phased out as from 2012-2013) (Leuven) (120 ECTS) Master of Science